S4E10: Lily Zeleke - DoD Cloud & Software ModernizationListen now (30 min) | Thanks for reading Resilient Cyber! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. Chris: Before we dive into some technical topics and questions, we would love to hear a bit about your background and career Chris: - We've now seen the…
A look at the Cloud Shared Responsibility Model and calls for an Evolution towards "Shared Fate"
Resilient Cyber Show w/ Day JohnsonListen now (28 min) | Nikki - With your experience in various cloud and Cybersecurity roles, what would you say the top 3 concerns are right now for…
A look at the Endor Labs Top 10 OSS Risks Report
S4E8: Jim Dempsey - Cyber Policy & RegulationListen now (45 min) | A look at the National Cyber Strategy and much more
S4E7:Jeff Williams - DevSecOps and Application Security (AppSec)Listen now (42 min) | Nikki: I have to start with an article you wrote a couple of years ago, about how we explain and provide context around…
Taking a look at the power of combining SAST and Threat Modeling by Rob Wood
A Societal Inflection Point
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